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New Al Fakher Tobacco Flavor's

Al Fakher is the most popular hookah tobacco brand in the world. Al Fakher has came out with 8 new shisha flavors to their lineup! provides all the newest flavors in 50g and 250g sizes. Check out the newest flavors and profiles below.

Shisha Flavor Profiles:

Magic Love - A mix of sweet passion fruit, melon, spices with mint undertones.

Lucid Dream - A delicious mix of sweet blueberry with minty lemon.

Dreamscape - An enchanting blend of blueberry mixed with a touch of citrus and mint.

Diamond Dust - A sparkling mix of orange, raspberry, pineapple and lime.

Harvest Moon - An intriguing and mesmerizing mix of green tea with a hint of lemon and lime.

Florida Orange Creamsicle - This unique mix encapsulates an interplay between tangy oranges and the smooth sweetness of vanilla.

Georgia Peach Pie - There’s sweet, spiced peach, but it’s mixed in perfect harmony with crisp green apple and jasmine. Lurking in the background of this blend are notes of vanilla, plum, and coconut.

California Citrus Breeze - Zesty trio of orange, lemon, and grapefruit perfectly balanced with a touch of invigorating mint.

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