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What To Know When Choosing Your Hookah Charcoal

There are 2 types of coals, natural and quick lighting coals. The natural coals are created using natural wood material like bamboo, lemon wood, and the most commonly used natural coals are made from coconut husk

 Quick lighting coals get their name by how fast they achieve a fully lit state, these coals use a chemical accelerant to start the burning process.

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Why Quick-Light Coals Are Harmful


quick lights you are using aren't your best option. Quick lights are definitely handy when your travelling or when you just want to smoke and in a rush but note there are huge health risks when using quick-lights. The truth is they carry a lot of chemicals and release a lot of carbon monoxide which is very harmful to the human body and will cause an increase health risks. Have you ever been to a hookah bar and seen someone faint in front of you? Its probably because there wasn't enough ventilation in the hookah bar and the C02 levels overcame the clean air we are naturally used to breathing. In many cases these charcoals cause you to either get very light headed, a soar throat, faint etc. I personally have stopped using these quick lights due to the side affects I experienced. Another factor is it just ruins the natural flavours of your shisha sessions. If you do decide to continue using quick lights try finding a brand that uses natural coconut shell and very little chemical content.



Use coconut coals whenever possible. A half kilo of coals cost under $6 and will supply you for at least 12 smoke sessions.

Most serious smokers and premium hookah lounges today use coconut coals. They take longer to light, about 10 minutes, but they last much longer than other coal options and have a cleaner taste. Easy Light and Quick Light coals have a place in the market for those who require coals to be lit quickly (perhaps you’re running home to make a hookah during your work break) or those who are outdoors and don’t have a proper heat source for starting up coconut coals. It’s extremely simple to ignite Easy or Quick Lights with any lighter and they are fully lit in just a few minutes but you need an electric burner or grill fire to start a coconut coal.

You don’t have to worry at first if your coconut coals are a flat- or cube-style and if they are 22mm cubes or 25mm cubes. They all work and will get your bowl smoking for a long time. With more experience in heat management, you’ll learn which coconut coal style and size best suits your heat preferences.


Pick up an electric burner (1100w is preferred) to light your coals for under $20.


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A common misstep by new hookah smokers is not fully lighting their coals before adding them to the bowl. When coals are not fully lit two things happen. First – it will give the tobacco a bad taste. The second thing is the coal will not be hot enough to get your tobacco smoking well. To light your coals quickly and thoroughly, you’ll need the right heat source. Using a gas burner from your stove top doesn’t do the trick very well when it comes to coconut coals. It takes a long time to light them and the coals don't heat up evenly. The best solution is an electric single coil hookah burner. We recommend something with 1100w of power so that it has a fast preheating and coal lighting time.

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