ATH Nargile was created in 2018 with the unique mission of enhancing the experience and pleasure of smoking shisha.

All ATH products from hookahs to related accessories are designed, manufactured and packaged by the industry leading company Adalya. The entire production line is processed in the factory based in İzmir Turkey.

The brand itself is inspired by the culture that created and nurtured shisha, and the heritage that lies in all of it's elements. ATH is placing these ingredients at it's very foundation and trying to create something even stronger by giving shape and function with contemporary ideas. Always thriving to achieve even better, ATH products are anticipated and loved by many enthusiasts all over the world.

Shishas get coated with a special technique that prevents oxidation and corrosion after polishing. Glass bases of the T-Brass are produced by one of the best glass makers in the world. After producing mouth blown crystal glass they are then hand painted with 24k gold by skilled artisans. The entire design reflects the essence of Anatolian civilization and combines it with the unique shisha culture it inherited.