More style, more rebellion, more custom!

The MISHA IS MY SHISHA brand, a subsidiary brand of Alpha Hookah, was born in May 2022 and immediately attracted the attention of the industry due to the bright and extraordinary presentation of its products and the brand itself. 

Why MISHA? Why didn't they just make a budget mine from Alpha Hookah? Why do brands have such different styles and presentation? Now we'll tell you everything!

When creating the brand, they were inspired by the fairly popular Russian TV series “Difficult Teenagers”. Through MISHA we wanted to convey that rebellion, the spirit of youth, originality, and not wanting to be like others are cool. The brand's philosophy is a protest against everyday life. MISHA is about style, about open boundaries of consciousness, about energy, about audacity and about the desire not to sit still. They did not want to adhere to the strictness in design, in the presentation of advertising materials, in the names of the products themselves, which is present in Alpha Hookah. They wanted freedom for creativity and the implementation of bold ideas. That's why MISHA IS MY SHISHA an independent brand.

MISHA is an irony to the stereotype that in Russia bears walk the streets. Yes, they go, play the balalaika and drink vodka (sarcasm). Through the brand they want to convey that they despise clichés and cliches. There are none in the modern world. You can be anything you want.