Hookah charcoal is a type of charcoal specially designed for use in hookahs. This type of charcoal is usually made from coconut or other natural materials, and is designed to burn slowly and produce an adequate amount of heat to heat and sustain the hookah tobacco.

Hookah charcoal is available in different sizes and shapes, such as cubes or pellets, and can be made of different materials. Coconut charcoal is one of the most popular, as it burns cleaner and lasts longer than other types of charcoal.

Choosing a quality hookah charcoal is important, as low-quality charcoal can produce a lot of smoke and ash, which can negatively affect the flavor of your tobacco and the overall smoking experience. It is also important to ignite charcoal safely and properly to avoid fire or burn hazards. Hookah tongs are useful for handling hot coals and placing them in the hookah bowl.