Sapphire Crown Tobacco

The company Crown has gained popularity as a manufacturer of high-quality hookah coals. It decided to expand its range and release a smoking mixture under the brand Crown Sapphire. In creating it, the company uses natural raw materials and flavorings from European partners.

Description of Sapphire Crown

At the announcement of the tobacco blend, the company stated that it took 2 years to develop the product. Crown Sapphire is made from 3 types of tobacco: Virginia and 2 types of Berlin. This mix allowed achieving optimal strength without the use of additional nicotine and other chemical additives.

The company prepares Sapphire Crown tobacco at its own production facility near Moscow. It does not use the facilities of other organizations. The production of the product is fully controlled by Crown, so the blend is consistently high-quality.

Sapphire Crown Tobacco – Strength

The tobacco has a medium strength. It is comfortable to smoke and can be mixed with other blends to achieve a higher nicotine content. It’s not too mild, yet not too strong, making it accessible to most hookah enthusiasts.

Top Sapphire Crown Flavors

CROWN Tobacco Company does not focus solely on fruity or berry flavors but experiments. The best flavors of Sapphire Crown tobacco according to customer reviews:

Alpine Strawberry. Bright strawberry with distinct acidic notes.
Bitter Cherry. Fresh cherry with a slightly perceptible berry bitterness.
Classy Aperol. A cold drink with orange notes.
CODE: RED. A berry mix including grapefruit, wild raspberry, strawberry, and exotic lychee.
Indian Stuff. One of the best hookah tobaccos Sapphire Crown with a rich aroma of Indian spices combined with fruits.

Recently, Crown introduced new Sapphire Crown flavors. Among them:

Peach – the sweetness of ripe peach and a slight tang of citrus notes.
Elderflower with jasmine – the delicate aroma of jasmine and a light tang of fresh elderflower.
Yuzu with honey – the fresh tang of Japanese yuzu and the sweetness of honey.

These flavors were developed in response to consumer preferences and have already received high ratings among hookah enthusiasts. The company is constantly working on developing new flavors and improving the quality of its hookah tobacco.