Buy Russian Hookah Bowl in USA - Best online Hookah Store - SoBe Hookah Choosing the right hookah bowls can seem overwhelming. Options are limitless when you consider size, shape, material and overall look. Do you stick with the tried and true Egyptian clay bowl? Or, follow the enthusiast’s advice on that hookah forum and go with a phunnel bowl with the fancy glaze coloring? Each shisha bowl has its place in the hookah industry and may work better or worse with certain tobaccos or liquid. 

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Egyptian Hookah Bowl
The classic Egyptian style Hookah Bowls  is hookah culture. Easily the most widely used bowl around the world for centuries. If you go to a hookah lounge, bet is you’ll be smoking shisha out of one of these. Recognizable by the 5 holes at the bottom of the bowl and the traditional red clay color. Ranging in size and depth for different amounts of tobacco, these bowls now mass-produced and commonly sold with complete hookah kits. Best used with classic shisha brands like Al-Fakher and Nakhla that don’t have an excess amount of molasses flavoring. Newer, juicy tobaccos can drip down into your hookah and clog the holes.
Syrian Hookah Bowl
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Syrian style hookah bowl provides Excellent heat capacity is, first of all, in the qualitative heating of tobacco, the absence of burning to the walls, the duration of smoking. Even on the smallest cup you can smoke up to 1.5 hours, which is a very good indicator. 
The best professional bowls for Shisha.
The combination of a unique shape and materials makes it easy to cook delicious and smoky hookah. 

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As for capacity, these bowls include 12 to 20 grams of tobacco, which is the average "standard" indicator for many other bowls. More "air" padding allows you to enjoy a hookah alone or together, and a denser one allows you to make a hookah for a company of 3-4 people. 

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The bowls are deep, very evenly distribute the heat of the coals, so that the hookah smokes easily, pleasantly and for a long time. A good draft and ease is promoted by the number of holes - in the small bowl there are 6, in the large - 7. The diameter of the holes in the small bowl is visually about 4 mm, in the large bowl - slightly larger, about 5 mm. The presence of a protruding rim at the edges of the cup, allows you to securely fix the foil when piling. 
The bowl in compatiable with Kaloud Lotus.

Vortex Hookah Bowl

Hookah Accessory Description. This Turkish Premium Clay Bowl resembles the Traditional type of Hookah Bowl that has been used to smoke Flavored Tobacco for centuries. This unglazed brown premium clay bowl is very sturdy, and will most likely fit on any type of Hookah.

Vortex Hookah Bowl
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The vortex bowls was one of the first significant changes to hookah bowls. To compensate for more modern, juicy shishas, the holes at the bottom of a traditional bowl were raised around a center spire. This allows airflow above the tobacco and practically eliminates clogged holes and juice in your hookah. An important innovation that would lead to more creative hookah bowl styles.
Phunnel Bowl
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The most common type of hookah bowl on the market today is the phunnel hookah bowl. A product of the vortex bowl innovation, the phunnel bowl uses the center spire idea. The difference is the large air intake on top of the spire allowing even more air flow.
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   A shisha phunnel bowl such as Oblako, ST Organization, Alpaca, Kolos, 50 Clouds works great with any type of tobacco but the hookah bowl sizes really determine what tobacco is best.
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Use a smaller phunnel for best results with tightly packed dark tobacco. If you are wondering how to pack phunnel bowls, search YouTube for tutorials as each shisha needs to be packed differently. Check out the Hookah John Ferris, Japona Mummy, SmokeLab Mummy, Adalya Bowls, SoBe,  the phunnel bowls with an outer lip specifically for your favorite heat management device!
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Kaloud Hookah Bowls And Heat Managements. 
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But what is Kaloud?
“Kala” (Kalā) is Hindi for Art and, when blended with the word Cloud, it Manifests the Cultural and Innovative Paradigm Shift otherwise known as – KALOUD.
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We lovingly present Kaloud's newest products the Kaloud Samsaris and Kaloud Lotus the follow-up/evolution of the world's first Silicone-Glass Hybrid Hookah Bowl, the Kaloud Samsaris   Individual flavor chambers allow for unique heating and perfect Shisha measurement every time.
Electronic Hookah Bowl
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Another take on hookah, the e hookah bowl fits right on top of your hookah but uses e-juice instead of shisha tobacco. Not quite in the same category as the other bowls on this list but a great alternative to your traditional hookah. Smoke your favorite vape juices. 
The Square E-Head E Hookah Bowl is worth a shot!
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Hookah Fruit Bowl
Switch it up and pack your flavored tobacco in a fruit hookah bowl. Use a pineapple, apple, grapefruit or pear and savor the juices in your next smoke session. Dig out the center of the fruit, create a screen for your tobacco to rest on and pack your shisha. Wrap with aluminum foil just like any other bowl and enjoy!
Clay Hookah Bowl Vs Ceramic
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Now that you know the different styles of hookah bowls, learning the materials they are made from and the difference they make is also important.
Clay Hookah Bowl
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Clay hookah bowls are usually handmade and do a great job of trapping heat. The most popular style of bowl.
Ceramic Hookah Bowl
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On the other hand, a ceramic hookah bowl is a type of clay used in mass production. They are more consistently shaped but don’t hold heat as well and break much easier.
Both clay and ceramic bowls can be glazed or unglazed. Glazed allows for easy cleanup and is great for switching it up with shisha flavors. Unglazed is exactly the opposite. It allows for tobacco juices to penetrate the bowl and is better for those who stick to one or two flavors.
Steel Hookah Bowl
Used because they are sturdy and great for travel. Steel bowls heat quickly but are difficult to heat manage. The Apple On Top hookah bowl is solid quality and works perfectly with its partner the Provost Heat Management Device
Glass Hookah Bowl
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Fragile but beautiful, glass bowls heat up quickly but don’t hold it long. Usually, only use with complete glass hookahs.
Silicone Hookah Bowl
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Easy to handle and simple to clean, silicone hookahs bowls are indestructible. Not the best bowl for conducting heat but the other benefits make these a worthwhile investment.
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