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Here you’ll find our pick of top-rated hookahs, a full review of each one, and a complete buyer’s guide, literally everything you’ll ever need to know about how to pick the best pipe.

A quick note before we start, I always choose hookahs compared to the performance, quality and price, that way I want you to buy a good hookah while saving some money.


These Are The Best Hookahs to Buy in 2023

  • Best Overall Hookah: Alpha Hookah Model X 
  • Best Portable Hookah: Vyro One Shisha 
  • Best Luxury Hookah: Wookah Hookah
  • Best Affordable Hookah: Avion Stick 
  • Best Modern Hookah: Nube Unique 
  • Best 4 Hose Hookah: Steamulation Pro X II
  • Best Small Hookah: Moze Breeze Two
  • Best Steel Hookah: Avion Smart 
  • Best Brass Hookah: VZ Brass
  • Best Travel Hookah: Hoob Sub Atom 
  • Best Acrylic Hookah: Hoob Atom 
  • Best Lounge Hookah: Aeon Lounge
  • Best Personal Hookah: Avion Mini 
  • Best Traditional Hookah: Japona Hookah 
  • Best Unique Hookah: Japona Hookah
  • Best Hi End Hookah: Mig 3 Hookah
Best High-End Hookah
MIG 3.0 Hookah
The MIG 3.0 is a premium hookah from a company based in Germany. It is one of the finest hookahs that they have produced, standing at about 27 inches and with an expulsion system that can double as hose ports. It is part of their Premium Series that is a modern-day interpretation of the traditional hookah, with a timeless traditional design and innovative technology paired with premium materials and multiple different colors to choose from, it is a versatile piece of art.
Why Should You Consider Buying MIG 3.0 Hookah in 2022?
Why Had We Chosen MIG 3.0 as The Top Shisha Pipe in 2022?
The MIG 3.0 has taken the top spots in 2022 despite some issues, such as a higher price point or the fact that it does not come with hoses and bowls but the luxury that comes with this product is incomparable. Not only does it look like a masterpiece, the convenience of cleaning it and setting it up plays a big role in this decision.
The airflow when smoking this unreal, only an experience that can be described if you actually try it. The purging system is incredible, It has a very open draw that is extremely smooth. It also helps bring out more flavor because of its easy pulls. It is truly a premium experience. Moreover, the multiple hose system that also doubles as extra purging slots makes smoking in large groups far better.
The materials used in crafting this piece also play a big role, they allow multiple colors to choose from, so you can even pick what color you want your stem to be, you can do this to match the colors at your home so that your hookah can become part of your home décor as opposed to something that you wrap up and keep away after every use.
MIG 3.0: Material Review
The materials used in the MIG 3.0 are nothing short of premium. The entire structure is made from stainless steel and the base is made of durable Bohemian Crystal glass. This already makes it better than most other hookahs you can get. The feel of the structure is sturdy all across the board, from the glass vase to the heavy-duty body. It is incredibly stable and durable in the long run if you are thinking of having a long-term hookah.
You can tell the craftsmanship involved in making this hookah when you look at the elegant, curved design, paired with premium materials used, especially when it comes to keeping true to its traditional look, it looks like a futuristic hookah that still retains its traditional looks. That alone is quite incredible, you can tell that they have focused more on enhancing your smoking experience and less on making a fancy design that does not effectively function.