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Upgrade Form is one of the most popular bowls that are constantly used in such cities of Russia as Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. To buy the UPG bowl is not difficult, the main thing is to find a high-quality store that will offer its customer real products from the manufacturer. And Alexander Vavilov, a true master of his craft, who makes miniature masterpieces, produces them.

The history of emergence

  The main idea of creating bowls appeared due to their shortage in the domestic market. The foreign products cost several times more expensive than UPG which is strongly beat on the purse of hookah institutions. Then Alexander began to create his own line of bowls, which in the future have become incredibly popular. The price of UPG is significantly different from the European products, it is always lower.

  Heat-intensive chilims, which are made of earthenware-majolica mass, have become popular just in a few months. The master himself claims that he invented the system on his own, on his past mistakes. What can get the client who bought such a bowl?

  • Get rid of the constant burning of tobacco. Now this problem simply does not exist, because the material simply will not allow tobacco to burn;
  • The temperature of the bowl itself. The capacity of poor-quality material, created by the wrong technology, is always very hot. As a result, you can easily get a severe burn. With bowls UPG is simply impossible;
  • You can buy the Upgrade Form in Moscow, and get delivery directly to your home;
  • The smoke will be very thick, this is guaranteed by a special technology of creating the bowl. It is made in such a way that the coals heat it evenly.

Main characteristics

  Each bowl has enough depth to distribute the heat from the coals evenly. This allows you to light the hookah easily and simply, as well as increases the duration of the process. An additional advantage is that even the taste of the tobacco will be more pleasant, because it will not burn. The six holes create a good traction in the bowl. We have seven holes in a larger version. We offer you to buy the UPG with delivery in our online store. Only real bowls from Vavilov Alexander himself - a master of ceramics, a specialist in processing various materials. It is he who is the Creator and distributor of UPG bowls in Russia. Alexander admits that his success lies in the approach to the process of the creation. «Approach with soul» - that's how the master put it. He creates something artistic, treats his work with great warmth and love, so it pays him the same. Vavilov is going to create a hookah in the coming months, but for now, we advise you to buy and enjoy.