Cocous Coconut Coals 1 kg ( 72 Large Cubes)

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Cocous Coconut Coals

Natural hookah charcoals by Cocous are made from high-quality raw coconut shells. The coals leave a low percentage of ash, which is less than 2%. 

Cocous  Hookah charcoals maintain stable heat for up to 90 minutes, and you won't need to replace them often. These coconut coals do not contain and hazardous chemicals and don't produce any unpleasant odors.

Total weight 1 kilogram
Shape Cubes
Size 25x25x25mm
Quantity 72 pieces
Cocous, Cubes, Laster Longer Than Regular Charcoal, Odor-Free, No Sparks, No Sulfur, No Smell 

    Must be at least  21 years of age to purchase flavored tobacco products