AEON Edition 4 Premium Hookah

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The Edition 4 - Premium is a German-made hookah, produced by industry-leading brand Aeon. This hookah is manufactured using some of the highest quality materials on the market to deliver one of the most durable hookahs to date. The Aeon Edition 4 is tried and tested, it undergoes quality control to ensure that each unit is flawless and up to standard.

The new AEON Shisha - Edition 4 is the successor of Edition 3 and has been developed & continuously tested for over a year. The AEON Shishas are produced in Germany under the highest quality standards from V2A stainless steel (1.4305 V2A stainless steel from Switzerland) near Stuttgart and then each component of the AEON Shisha undergoes a strict quality control in our warehouse. 

  • Head adapter with M16x1 thread
  • Carbon plate (hand ground from V2A stainless steel)
  • 18/8 ground to M16x1 Adapter
  • Smoke column with 29/2 cut at the bottom (M14x1 thread inside for fixing to the base) and 18/8 cut at the top
  • Base with one connection incl. closed chamber and blow-out valve at the smoke column
  • 1 x hose end piece with shortened 18/8 ground joint
  • 4 x sleeves incl. 6mm ball for blowing out
  • Immersion tube with M14x1 thread top and bottom
  • Base with thread

How does Edition 4 -  differ from other shishas?
With the Edition 4 AEON have developed a new blow-out valve which guides the smoke upwards along the smoke column. This system also works if you attach other smoke columns to the Edition 4 (e.g. with the optional "Base-Adapter"). The entire technology of the blow-off valve is elegantly hidden in the base and is hardly visible from the outside. The Base has a 29/2 cut, which means you can customize the Edition 4 to your own taste. For example, other smoke columns with a 29/2 cut fit easily into the Base and you can change the look of your shisha at any time. The smoke column that comes with the Edition 4 is first inserted into the 29/2 cut of the Base and then screwed to the immersion tube with M14x1 thread. Since the smoke column has a 18/8 cut on top, you can also attach a molasse catcher or other components with 18/8 cut and adjust the height of the Edition 4 according to your wishes.

  • V2A stainless steel (1.4305 V2A stainless steel from Switzerland)
  • 4 separate hoses (no air leaks)
  • Height: approx. 53 cm
  • Weight: 4.20 kg
  • Head adapter with M16x1 thread
  • Charcoal plate (hand-ground from V2A stainless steel)
  • 18/8 ground joint on M16x1 adapter
  • The smoke column below with 29/2 cut below (M14x1 thread inside) and 18/8 cut above
  • The smoke column on top with 18/8 cut
  • Base with 4 connections including closed chamber and exhaust valve on the smoke column
  • 4 x hose end pieces with shortened 18/8 joint including 11mm ball
  • Draft reducer (can optionally be used to adjust the draft of a traditional shisha)
  • 4 x sleeves including 6mm ball for blowing out
  • 4 x patented APS (AEON Purge System) in the base, each consisting of 3 parts: ball seat for 11mm ball, spring, and adjustable blow-out device
  • Upper immersion tube with M14x1 thread
  • Immersion tube below with M14x1 thread (immersion tube length can be adjusted to suit the suit individually)
  • Diffuser with M14x1 thread
  • Base with thread

*Hose and Handle not included and sold separately.