Don Panda Phunnel Hookah Bowl

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Don Panda Phunnel  hookah bowl

This bowl is made of high-quality natural clay using milk firing technology, due to which it acquires a special warm shade and becomes more durable. The classic “killer” bowl with thick, straight walls and a flat bottom, perfect for strong tobaccos. Suitable for both foil and kaloud.

Brand Don Hookahs
Material Clay
Colors Unglazed White 
Bowl Style Buffalo Bowl Style - Fits Over Top of Hookah Stem
Country of Manufacture Russian Federation 
Dimensions Large Size (3.50" Tall; 0.75" Depth; 3.13" Diameter)
Grommet Compatibility This Hookah Bowl typically requires using any  Rubber Bowl Grommet to connect this Hookah Bowl to the top of the Hookah stem. 
Variation Warning

Retains  long duration to give you extended smoking session 

Phunnel bowl designed to keep the shisha juices from spilling out to keep the tobacco moist, it also won't absorb any odors.

  Must be at least  21 years of age to purchase flavored tobacco products