Hookah Wind Cover X Large

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Cap for a hookah Blade Hookah.

Attaching importance to the details in the hookah, we could not miss such a very important accessory as a cap.

Although it is not at all difficult to find in the market, manufacturers miss important key points in its creation. Yes, and oriental design is already

long boring everyone.

Cap Blade Hookah is:
- Comfortable smoking in the presence of wind.

- Quick warm-up of the bowl (up to 2-3 minutes).

- Maintaining temperature for longer hookah smoking sessions.

Based on our own experience and conducting a survey among hookah masters, we did the following:

1) Selected the universal height and width of the cap. Now you will be sure that this accessory will stand on the saucer and will not hang on the bowl, touching the coals.

2) Made additional vertical slots for better air circulation. With our cap for a hookah it is easier to regulate and monitor the temperature of heating the bowl. And thanks to the slots, the coals will not go out due to a lack of oxygen.

3) A convenient handle that does not allow burns on the hot walls of the cap.

4) Stylish appearance, which is a striking distinguishing feature that distinguishes this product from most models on the market. After all, the hood for the hookah Blade Hookah is a matte black design, made under the style of ammunition.