Sebero 200gr

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The fresh Sebero product comes from Omsk. Officially, the manufacturers did not talk about this, but it became clear to everyone that this was a product from the company Smokelab and Blade Hookah, this time in the tobacco manufacturing industry. SEBERO products are made from the highest quality raw materials with the use of natural flavors. SEBERO is a brewed black tobacco that contains a light strength. The starting line is made from Burley sheet.

Tobacco is produced in 40/100/200 gram packages and is sold only in the excise version. The product is quite pleasant to smoke, gentle and smoky. Sebero is made without chemicals or watery nicotine.

Sebero means strict manufacturing standards and constant quality control. The tobacco is natural, heat-resistant, and contains a large number of flavors in its own line. Sebero has a rich soak, high-quality fine cut, excellent smokiness, wonderful flavor transfer and long smoking time.
In 2020, manufacturers presented a cool Limited Edition line.