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ST Bowl Classic SWEETY Glazed

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Hand-made designer  Glazed bowl made from high grade clay. Provides exquisite smoking experience with no risk of overheating the shisha. Thick-walled bowl effectively insulates contents. The innovative clay processing technology we developed resulted in the creation of a bowl that neither overheats, nor chars the tobacco inside. This unique feature also allows people to remove the bowl with bare hands, making it highly convenient for both personal and lounge use. This technology made it possible to increase the duration of smoking session and guarantees the preservation of taste despite reduced tobacco consumption (30-45% savings of shisha compared to standard 20-22 g). The key quality distinguishing this hookah bowl is its exceptionally versatile design - both attractive and original in appearance, and highly practical in function. The thick walls guarantee steady warming, even heat distribution and stable temperature retention, ensuring a long smoking session without overheating and subsequent bitterness of tobacco.

Features & details

  • Classic 7-holes design
  • 1/4" thick
  • Does not overheat the shisha
  • Can be removed with bare handsProduct information