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  • Starbuzz Wood Challenger Hookah - SoBe Hookah

Starbuzz Wood Challenger Hookah

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Starbuzz Wood Challenger Hookah Description


The first premium wood line hookah from Starbuzz! This European Taking the same basic stem shape but now created using ash tree! The inner tube and detachable downtube are made out of stainless steel AISI301 to prevent ghosting and damage to the wood. Polyacetal Pom-C is used for many of the other parts. The new hose port design creates an air-tight seal for the ideal hookah session. A removable diffuser can be used to keep the hookah pipe quiet in certain settings while the plastic ball bearing purge releases excess smoke effortlessly.

The Starbuzz Wood Challenger comes in 6 unique wood grain color options with an engraved wooden hose handle to match. The matte black silicone hookah hose limits ghosting and is very easy to clean. Pack your favorite flavored Shisha  in the new clay phunnel bowl! A thick clay hookah bowl styled like popular European bowls on the market. This complete hookah includes a glass vape that matches as well as all needed grommet and a laser-engraved hookah tray 

We recommend you clean this hookah stem carefully as water can damage the wood. Do not soak the stem in water. Spot clean if necessary.