Steamulation Hookah Heat management

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Distance Control

World’s only flexible Heat Management System with eight different heat levels between the charcoal and tobacco!
Steamulation HMS allows eight different heat / distance settings to your personal preference (heat adjustments). Find the best adjustment for your Shisha Set-up and different tobacco characteristics (e.g. heat tolerance) to enjoy an optimal smoking experience.

Heat Control

World’s most responsive and exact Heat Management!
Simultaneously, distance and airflow adjustment lead to the fastest heat regulation on the market.


Even Heat Distribution

The cylindrical shape leads to an even and symmetrical smoking of tobacco!
This leads to the maximum intensity of taste and a longer smoking pleasure.

Most compatible Heat Management device

The Steamulation Heat Management comes with an adaptive V2A stainless steel ring. It works with more tobacco bowls than any other Heat Management device. You can use it with most of the clay bowls, phunnel bowls and many more…

Patent Pending / Made in Germany by Steamulation

The Steamulation HMS is 100% produced in Germany and is patent pending:
Utility model: DE202019100556U1