VYRO Penta Hookah

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VYRO - Penta VYRO's new compact plugin hookah. Check out the VYRO - Penta in 3D and Augmented Reality here (Works only with Apple devices) The VYRO - Penta is a compact (approx. 39 cm) plugin hookah made of V2A stainless steel,

  • The VYRO - PENTA is 39cm tall
  • The blow off is located below the ashtray 
  • The ashtray can be easily removed through the ground joint adapter
  • Material mix of stainless steel V2A, carbon, wood, epoxy resin and glass
  • One-port hookah with plug-in system
  • New bowl design from VYRO
  • Diffuser can be screwed on both sides
  • Each sleeve is unique