VYRO x MOZE Noir Hookah

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The NOIR VYRO X MOZE hookah is, as its name indicates, a cooperation between the two German brands VYRO and MOZE. This 54 cm high shisha pipe is made of the finest materials, with V2A stainless steel, polyoxymethylene (POM) and real carbon.

You can purge evenly up and down from the base of the shisha pipe because it has several purge portage options concealed in the base. The plunger has an incorporated diffuser.

The carbon parts on the VYRO X MOZE shisha pipe are interchangeable and are secured to the base with two O-rings. The body of the shisha pipe is attached to the vase by a seal.

FEATURES Of the product
SIZE 54 cm
BASE glass
BOWL not included
HOSE not included
TONGS not included
GROMMETS Integrated sealing
FIXING with rubber
OTHER diffuser included, silicone hose connector in